Friday, December 5, 2014

Comin' 'Round Again

yeah, I know, it's been a while. I've been coastin' on residuals, spinnin' the previous hits like a Golden Oldies station.

It's not that I don't have new inspiration, or pages of notes I haven't shared.

It's mostly because real life changed a lot this year, and writing paid the price.

But I have still been seeing some great shows, laughing hard at real artistry and cleansing my brain's palate with all the dark comedy matter I can take in. I've been failing to give back, though, failing to share. And today I was given the greatest eye opener when I was telling someone who knows me professionally about this blog and my addiction. I was told, "You have such a cool life!"

The truth is, I DO have a cool life. And awesome friends who do amazing things. And moments of sheer joy that leave me breathless from laughter. This blog started as a notebook. It evolved from some really straight, brief reviews that are hardly worth reading, into a collection of pieces that try to blend my voice with the comic's, that I enjoy writing and sharing and that feel like a real part of my own art.

So, tomorrow night, I'm going to the Syracuse Funny Bone to see Owen Benjamin for the first time. I'll write about it in the coming week. And then I'll head into my back pages, my napkin collection and my memory files and tell you about the most recent Jeremy Essig, Paul Hooper and Theo Von shows, the amazing time I spent at Laugh Your Asheville Off last summer and more recently at Lucy Fest, the fact that I love taking comedy road trips and would happily spend a week or two as a chauffer for one DUI-hindered comic whose material moves me.

This blog has brought me some unexpected moments, and maybe it's become less of a notebook and more of a road map, a way to trace a journey I wasn't necessarily aware that I was on. I chastise myself quite a bit for only half-committing to following my passions, but that's partly because they pull me in such different directions that I haven't found the way to fully integrate them. In my real life, we talk all the time about working with the whole child, taking a holistic approach, and I don't see myself approaching my own life that way. Here I am, blessed with this natural curiosity about so many things - or adult ADD, I'm not completely sure yet - and I sometimes don't see what a cool whole I'm creating when I crazy-quilt them all together.

So. Owen Benjamin, and one of my dearest comedy friends, Austin Lafond, tomorrow night at the Funny Bone in Syracuse. Then back here for a meet-up with you guys.

hopefully, you'll dig the new playlist.